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Toma Blood Pressure Support Bracelet

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Product: Men's Bracelet

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Origin: Japan

Additional Features: Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Expiry Date: 36 months



- Toma blood pressure support bracelet is a combination of Germanium, Tungsten, and magnetic stones

– Germanium is based on a strong anion diffusion mechanism, Germanium has 32 electrons and most notably has 4 outer electrons, these 4 electrons have unstable orbits. When exposed to heat, one of these 4 electrons will deviate from its orbit and diffuse into the surrounding environment.

Germanium is used to make various types of jewelry bracelets and necklaces embedded with magnetic Germanium stones. When wearing the bracelet in contact with body heat, it will affect the stones to emit negative ions, penetrate the skin's epidermis, and absorb harmful ions in the wearer's body.



- Helps blood circulation, regulates blood pressure in the body

- Helps relieve shoulder and neck pain caused by poor blood circulation (common in people who sit at computers for long periods, those who travel by car, office workers, individuals who sit for extended periods or have little physical activity)

- Great for athletes or outdoor enthusiasts. People who experience dizziness or lightheadedness when standing up or sitting down due to lack of blood.

- Especially good for the elderly, people with anemia, and those with neck and shoulder pain.

- Preventing high blood pressure leading to stroke, Heart muscle stuffing, heart disease...due to the impact of magnetism.

Intended Use


Highly effective blood pressure regulating bracelet that has gained the trust of many customers for its amazing health benefits it brings to the users.

➢ Blood pressure regulating bracelet can be used for all ages and is very easy to use.

➢ Some recommended users for using blood pressure cuffs are:

Those with high blood pressure or low blood pressure

Those who frequently suffer from neck, shoulder, and back pain..

Those who often get motion sickness when traveling by train or long-distance car.

Is wearing TOMA blood pressure support bracelet good?


The TOMA blood pressure regulating bracelet is highly rated for its quality and the benefits it brings to the health of the wearer. Many users have experienced significant health improvements in a short period of time when using this blood pressure regulating bracelet.

Recommended by scientists for maintaining balanced blood pressure, especially for those with a history of high or low blood pressure.

When wearing the Japanese blood pressure regulating bracelet, your blood pressure is always regulated at a stable level and the bracelet can also effectively reduce conditions such as neck pain, shoulder pain, or motion sickness when traveling by car.

The Japanese blood pressure adjustable bracelet is manufactured in Japan based on modern technology production lines, so it is very safe to use and does not cause any harmful side effects to health. Therefore, you can completely trust when using the Japanese blood pressure adjustable bracelet.



The blood pressure bracelet can only support the treatment of hypertension, not replace medication, so to effectively treat the disease, it is recommended to use medication as well as follow the doctor's instructions.

► Remove the blood pressure monitor cuff when entering areas with high voltage.

► Japanese blood pressure regulator bracelet should not be placed together with other magnetic cards.

► Do not use with pacemaker.

Pregnant women should consult a doctor before using a blood pressure regulator.

► Comes with an extra notch in the manufacturer's box in case customers need to add more.

If the strap is too wide, you can take it to a watch shop to have it trimmed or use the tool included in the box to adjust the width to your liking.

► Do not soak, do not put in the bathtub, do not wear while swimming.

Do not stretch the cord. Do not use for purposes other than intended.

► Do not change the product structure on your own.

► After prolonged contact with the skin, the product may get dirty and develop an odor. Please gently wipe it with a cloth. Absolutely do not use chemicals. Remove it when bathing, steaming, and avoid high temperatures.

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