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Super Hoan Duong Male Enhancement Spray

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Brand: Bổ Hoàn Dương Super

Specification: 5ml bottle

Main Ingredients

Main ingredients contained in the productBổ Hoàn Dương Super – Xịt BHD Super:

  • Nhục Thung Dung:Supports kidney function, enhances male physiology. In Eastern Medicine, Nhục Thung Dung is a remedy for male sexual weakness, nocturnal urination, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, as well as back pain, knee fatigue, and muscle weakness.
  • Dâm Dương Hoắc:Enhances muscle strength, increases testosterone levels, reduces stress, fatigue. Also, increasing the concentration of Horny Goat Weed helps treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Ba Kích:Contains many good minerals for men, helps nourish the kidneys, enhance strength of tendons and bones, is a remedy for premature ejaculation, reduces desire, weak physiology,...
  • Sunshine:It has the effect of nourishing the kidneys, strengthening tendons and bones, and is a medicine for treating erectile dysfunction and weakness.


SupportBoost excitement, increase pleasure.

SupportExtend the duration of sexual intercourse.

Note: This product is for external use only. If you have sensitive skin, wash off after 15-20 minutes of application. Do not apply excessively. Use frequently or for a long time. The effectiveness of the product depends on each individual's body.

Intended Use

Bổ Hoàn Dương SuperFor adults only:

  • Premature ejaculation.
  • People with premature ejaculation and lack of control over ejaculation.
  • People who want to increase the time of their relationship.

Contraindications:Not for use by minors, individuals with impaired civil behavior capacity, and those allergic to any ingredients in the product.


Regimen:Each time use 1-2 drops equivalent to 1 spray.

How to use:Take 1-2 drops (or 1 spray) and gently massage on the glans and foreskin for 1-2 minutes, then leave it on for 30-60 minutes for the serum to absorb before rinsing off.

Best time to use Bổ Hoàn Dương Super spray: Should be used before each intercourse for 15-20 minutes (counting from after cleaning the serum on the intimate area).


  • Use the correct dosage as recommended.
  • Limit spraying multiple times with each love.
  • Do not abuse the product.
  • When encountering physiological issues, customers should maintain a healthy lifestyle and seek early medical examination for timely treatment.

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