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XTRAMAN - Male Sexual Enhancement Effervescent Tablets [Authentic]

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The biggest physiological issue that men face is erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation When it comes to relationships. Not only affecting health, but also affecting family happiness and the psychology of men.
For these reasons Xtraman BLACK - Male Sexual Enhancement Effervescent Tablets is one of the pharmaceuticals that help enhance male sexual performance worth choosing.

- Specifications: 12 tablets / 1 box (new model xtraman Black)


Benefits of XTRAMAN Effervescent Tablets for Enhancing Sexual Performance

🔸 Supports kidney function, enhances male sexual performance and vitality
🔸 Slows down the male ejaculation process

– After 1 day: feeling excited, reducing stress, fatigue, stress, increasing desire for relationships

After 1 week: penis size will be significantly improved, the length of the little brother will increase by 1-2cm, intercourse time will be longer.

– After 2 weeks: Sexual life significantly improved, frequency of intercourse is about 4-5 times per week without feeling tired. The duration of each intercourse session will be around 25-30 minutes.

– After 1 month: refreshed spirit, healthy body even though the frequency of intercourse increases.


Ingredients of XTRAMAN Libido Enhancement Pills

🍀 Xtraman effervescent tablet Male sexual enhancement mostly extracted from gentle natural herbs, very nutritious for men's health and sexual function.

🍀 Carefully selected ingredients, meticulously researched to produce high-quality products. The main components in Xtraman effervescent tablets include: Brazilian bee glue, Black ant eggs, Deer blood velvet, Bá bệnh, White mulberry, Three-nut.



Target users of XTRAMAN Effervescent Tablets for Enhancing Sexual Performance

- Adult men show signs of decreased sexual function

- Men with premature ejaculation, back pain, tired knees, frequent urination due to weak kidneys

Note: This product is not suitable for individuals under 18 years old, people with high blood pressure, or a history of heart disease!


- Dissolve effervescent tablet in 200 ml of water

- Take 1 tablet daily in the morning or evening before going to bed

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